Gina Mantica

PhD Candidate | Science Communicator

About me

Image courtesy of Alex Van Thong

Hi! I’m Gina. I’m a PhD Candidate in Biology at Tufts University studying how the basal ganglia, a part of the brain important for the coordination of movement, affects behavioral variability. This research will help us better understand basal ganglia disorders like Parkinson’s disease that result in abnormal motor variabilities.

I am also passionate about providing easily-digestible science news to the public through both written and digital communications. I currently serve as a Contributing Writer for Outside JEB. My articles have appeared in Smithsonian Magazine, Popular Science, The Chicago Tribune, The Boston Globe, Salon and more.

Outside of my research and science communication, I enjoy dancing, discovering new flavors of ice cream, and listening to Taylor Swift.

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All header images courtesy of Jim Bendon.
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