Higher Education


As a Writing Consultant with the Academic Resource Center at Tufts University, I work with both undergraduate and graduate students to brainstorm, organize and clarify pieces that may include course papers, thesis papers and papers for publication. Instead of directly editing students’ works, I try to pose questions that will help students edit their own writing.

Group picture of the Tufts University Writing Consultants.
Tufts Graduate Writing Consultants


As a Teaching Assistant, I led weekly introductory biology labs for undergraduate students and have helped answer student questions for both Experiments in Molecular Biology and Cell Biology.


As a Research Assistant, I mentored 5 undergraduate students in the Kao Lab, including 1 REU student. I encourage all of my students to write about and present their work as much as possible, so that they can better understand how their specific experiments fit into the larger goals of the lab and the scientific field.