About Me

I received my Bachelor’s of Arts in Biology from Smith College in May 2016. At Smith College, I investigated the evolution of foot-flagging behavior in the frog, Staurois parvus.


I am now in the Kao Lab at Tufts University where I research how the basal ganglia, a part of the brain important for the coordination of movement, affects behavioral variability. I am specifically interested in the ability of male zebra finches to switch between singing a more variable song when by themselves and singing a more stereotyped song when in the presence of a female.

Gina-kao lab
Preparing probes in the lab.

Outside of my research, I enjoy dancing, discovering new flavors of ice cream, and playing with my dog. I am also passionate about #scicomm and science outreach!

comscicon selfie
Selfie with fellow science communicators at ComSciCon 2017.









You can find my CV here: Curriculum Vitae