Science Journalism

Sun and wind cues guide dung-rolling beetles across the savannah Journal of Experimental Biology (Outside JEB), September 2019

Egg temperature affects chicks’ clumsiness Journal of Experimental Biology (Outside JEB), May 2019

Sex makes Mongolian gerbils better dads Journal of Experimental Biology (Outside JEB), March 2019

These corals love the warming oceans Massive Science, January 2019 (republished in Pacific Standard and Salon)

Eating royal poop improves parenting in naked mole-rats The Conversation, October 2018 (republished in Smithsonian Magazine, Popular Science,The Chicago TribuneThe San Francisco Chronicle, and more)

Gender bias is all too real-and dangerous-in the doctor’s office Massive Science,  August 2018 (republished in Salon)

Sexual pleasure might help us learn–if rats are any guide  Massive Science, June 2018 (republished in The Genetic Literacy Project and Salon)

Why we need more scientists in government  The Boston Globe, July 2017