Community Engagement

Guest Speaker, P.E.O. International-Malden Chapter Monthly Meeting, 2019

  • Held an informal discussion with P.E.O. International members on my dissertation research and the importance of working with animals to understanding complex human diseases.

Presenter, Medford High School Reverse Science Fair, 2019

  • Ignited conversations on experimental design and scientific research with high-school science students through a poster presentation on my dissertation research

Judge, Region IV Science Fair, 2019

  • Talked with high school students about their science fair projects and scored projects based on the quality of their project-related ideas and explanations

Volunteer, Annual Grafton Elementary School Field Day, 2017

  • Led six groups of 20 first grade students in activities on bird beak diversity and specialization

    Smith College’s Tropical Field Ecology Program in Panama

Guest Teacher, El Darién Public School, El Darién Panamá, January 2016

  • Led a day-long course on the function of the nervous system and the structure of both the brain and its neurons to local children and their parents in Spanish